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The Private Social Network For Jersey

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When people start talking, good things happen.

Jersey Peeps is the best way to stay informed about what’s going on in Jersey — whether it’s finding the latest local event, finding a pet sitter, an emergency plumber or sharing gardening tips.

There are so many ways we can help each other, we just need an easier way to connect and Jersey Peeps gives you all you need in just one place.


Jersey Classifieds, unlimited listings, unlimited categories with no hidden charges. 

Events. Browse all local events via an easy to use online Calendar, never miss an event with Jersey Peeps

Fun. User rewards, get points and more for using our website, comment, post, advertise, make friends and get rewarded.

The easiest way of keeping upto date with Island Life 

A secure enviroment where all users are verified.

A Local community built and driven by you.

Never Miss Out....Get Involved!!

Jersey Peeps has a wealth of social functions at it's users disposal, each one gives the user the power to create their own social environment.

Whether you want to sell unwanted items, start a Blog on you're favourite subject, find the latest events, or ask the community a question you are stuck on.

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