Swissport Jobs Cut

54 Swissport baggage handlers have lost their jobs in Jersey.

The company has confirmed the redundancies of around half its local workforce.

It had warned of job losses in June in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has made 30 compulsory and 24 voluntary redundancies.

“Due to the severe ongoing impact of Covid-19 this is regretfully something we must do if we are to continue operating in Jersey and protect as many livelihoods as possible in the long run. This has been a very difficult decision to make, and we understand it will be immeasurably harder for those leaving the company. We are very sorry for the impact on them and will work to support them in finding new opportunities.” 

Ports of Jersey boss Matt Thomas says Swissport will continue its Jersey operations with fewer staff.

“We’re working very closely with them and will be here to support them but I don’t think there are any guarantees at the moment. You only have to look at the news every day, in terms of just how tough the travel and hospitality industry are finding it.”

In August, the union Unite called on Jersey’s government to intervene and provide support to baggage handlers under threat of redundancy ‘to avoid ‘permanent cutbacks in a temporary downturn.’

Channel 103 News

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