Students survey to ‘understand impact on travel links’

Higher education students from Jersey are being asked take part in a survey to “better understand” their potential travel plans during the Christmas period.

Assistant Minister for Education Jeremy Macon said about there were about 1,600 students overseas in higher education who may want to return for the festive period.

He said the survey would “help us understand the impact on travel links”.

The majority were studying in the UK but some “study further abroad and they are not forgotten”, he said.

The survey aims to enable the island’s government to better manage a potentially large influx of students over a relatively short period of time.

It will also inform the departments of any potential issues with mandatory self-isolation for students and their families and allow better informed consideration of any action that may be required.

He added that all travellers “arriving in Jersey are required to follow [government] travel advice“.

BBC Jersey News

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