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Petition Created To Stop £200,000 Child Abuse Memorial

A States Petition has been created by an abuse survivor to stop the creation of a £200,000 Memorial to Care Home Child Abuse victims.

The States announced plans last week to spend £200,000 on a memorial for the children and young people who were abused whilst in Jersey’s care system.

The description of the petition says

Being a survivor of the Child Care Homes that were closed including Haut de la Garenne, I am enraged, along with a large portion of the general public, that £200,000 is going to be spent on a Memorial. This money could be spent elsewhere and do more good than a memorial will ever do.

The Petition can be viewed and signed here at 1,000 votes Ministers will respond and at 5,000 votes it will be considered for further debate.

A panel of 20 abuse survivors were on the panel with 9 having the final say on the monuments go ahead. More information on the panel can be viewed here

The idea has faced a public back lash with over 2,276 taking part in a non official Jersey Peeps poll, with 96% being against the memorial.

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As a survivor I think this is an horrendous idea I don’t want a reminder everyday of the shit I went through, I live it enough in my mind, put the money back into the child services and improve things


I am sorry for what you went through and hope you are doing OK

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