Nurses in flu vaccination plea

Nurses in Jersey are asking people to support them by having a flu vaccination this year.

The States is preparing to offer jabs to everyone over the age of 50, as well as to younger and more vulnerable islanders.

It is because medical staff do not want the threat of flu and coronavirus to come together.

Kenny MacNeil, from the Royal College of Nursing, said flu was serious enough to kill people alone without them getting other infections too, and it was “important that we take every opportunity we can to contain the infections that circulate in the winter as normal”.

In the meantime, doctors’ surgeries could be allowed to open on Sundays to cope with the need to vaccinate people against flu amid the coronavirus pandemic this autumn.

After speaking to doctors, ministers said they had accepted they might need to extend opening hours to cope with demand.

They are not allowed to open on Sundays under existing laws, but that would change if the States agreed with such a move, officials said.

BBC Jersey news

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