Non-quarantine French contractors working at Waterfront

Jersey’s health minister has confirmed that people have come to the island from France to work on the Horizon development on the Waterfront without having to comply with quarantine restrictions.

Recently there were questions over whether workers coming from areas with a high level of Covid infection posed a risk to the island.

In particular, a plane carrying 10 workers from Rennes landed and the passengers were allowed to go to work without isolating for two weeks in the normal way.

Authorities had refused to reveal where they were working – but did confirm last week that 82 workers in the island had exemptions.

Deputy Kirsten Morel asked the health minister specific questions about workers coming from France to work on the Horizon development, run by the Jersey Development Company, set up by Jersey States.

Minister Richard Renouf acknowledged the workers had come to the island from France to work on the project – but said they were subject to a risk management plan approved by health experts.

They were not allowed contact with anyone else in the island, and could only spend time on site or at their accommodation, he said.

BBC Jersey news

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