New minister ‘thanked for scrapping abuse memorial plans’

Jersey’s new children’s minister has already been contacted by people happy that he intended to scrap plans for a large memorial to abuse survivors, he has said.

Deputy Jeremy Macon was approved for the job in the States on Tuesday.

Former minister Senator Sam Mezec, who stepped down from government ahead of last week’s failed no-confidence vote in the chief minister has criticised the appointment.

The memorial proposals, recommended by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, have divided victims of abuse, with some saying it would dredge up painful memories and emotions.

Mr Macon said he had had a lot of support from people about not going forward with it.

My phone lit up with messages from people who are survivors who said: ‘Thank you so much for saying that. It had such negative effect on my life and there’s a bit of light now it’s not going to be built.’

We can’t put people through that again. It’s not right and it’s got to stop, so we have to look at alternatives.”

In the meantime, Children’s Commissioner Deborah McMillan has called for the States to split the roles of children and housing so those in them could give full-time consideration to the positions.

BBC Jersey News

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