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The Lido Harve Des Pas Damaged By Vandals

The Lido based at Harve Des Pas has been another victim of Vandals and Littering.

This comes after a weekend where beaches have been littered with rubbish by beach and party goers

In a Facebook post the Beach side Business said

One of our outside tables has been destroyed between us leaving at 6pm yesterday and coming back at 8:30am this morning.

We have contacted the police who we hope will pull the CCTV and suitably deal with those responsible.

We are absolutely fed up with the disgusting state we find the area in every morning with rubbish and smashed glass etc.

It’s time for some serious actions to be taken and the inappropriate behaviour that seems to be increasing on this beautiful building in the evenings gets squashed.

Treat your island with pride, respect this incredible building. In incredibly difficult times like these, these increased costs are not what we need or can afford.

Image Credit: The Lido

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