Le Petit Train Offering Free Rides For Children

Le Petit Train that run a small train from St.Helier to St.Aubin are offering Parents and Children free rides.

The company stopped running their service in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a post to their Facebook Page they explain further

Unfortunately we will not be running this year, however the trains do need some fresh air! So…we have decided to offer free train rides for children and parents every other Sunday starting Sunday 26th July, departing Liberation Square at 14.00 to St Aubin, where there will be a 5-10 minute stop before returning to Liberation Square. We will play some Disney songs/ nursery rhymes during the ride so feel free to sing along!

Due to restrictions it will be one family group per bench (4 seats per bench) COVID screens have been fitted between each bench on every carriage and the train will be cleaned thoroughly prior to departure, there will also be hand sanitiser available before boarding.

Seats are limited so please enquire via email to: info@littletrain.co.uk to book your place.
The train will only be running weather permitting so we may need to cancel last minute if it’s due to rain and re-arrange for the next week, if so we will let you know via email. Beacuse of this we will only be taking bookings one week at a time, not for future trips.

As the storage space is very limited please only bring strollers if absolutely necessary as we can‘t get many on, they may need to be left behind.

Total journey time approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing you all onboard!

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