Jersey Shelter Trust appeals for help to deal with lockdown surge

Jersey’s Shelter Trust is hoping people will be extra generous for its Tinathon appeal this year as the charity has seen a surge in demand for bed spaces and for food parcels during the pandemic.

Before lockdown, it offered refuge to up to 90 people a night, but that has now gone up to between 120 and 130.

Shelter Trust representative Richard Robins said any food tins will go towards a good cause.

Mr Robins said the charity has had to open three new hostels to meet the surge in demand for shelter.

He said:

“With that number of people sleeping a night and having to be fed we need all the food help we can get.

“During the lockdown people have really struggled and needed food parcels so the tins we recollect today are going to be fantastic – for supplementing our food supplies generally and for making up food parcels for anyone who comes to us for help.”

BBC Jersey News

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