Coin Hoard Value Due ‘In Quite Near Future’

Jersey’s Chief Minister says it would be ‘an absolute tragedy’ if the government does not buy the Iron Age coin hoard on behalf of islanders.

Senator John Le Fondré has revealed a value is expected to be formalised ‘in the quite near future’ between the Crown, the finders – Reg Mead and Richard Miles – and the landowner.

The government has already paid more than £730,000 – a quarter of a million went to Jersey Heritage to conserve the 74,000 coins unearthed in a field by metal detectorists in 2012.

Senator Le Fondre says it is being treated as it would have been had it been found in the UK:

“The Crown says it wants to act in the spirit of the British law – which is the UK Treasures Act – and that is to make the hoard available for public enjoyment, ultimately through Jersey Heritage. But also, to recognise the part played by the finders and landowners by way of a reward.”

Its value has previously been reported as up to £2.5 million pounds.

Channel 103 News

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