Calls for passenger quarantine until negative Covid result

There are renewed calls for all passengers arriving at Jersey’s harbour or airport to be forced to quarantine until they get a negative Covid test result.

It comes after two people infected with the virus came to the island earlier this month and were able to enter the community before their positive tests results from the airport came through.

Two more people, who visited the same Jersey venue as them at a similar time, later tested positive for the virus.

Ministers said passengers arriving from green countries and regions would be forced to isolate until their first negative result, but not until testing was developed enough to to get result back in less than 12 hours. That could still be a fortnight away.

Deputy Inna Gardiner said ministers should not wait until there was another outbreak.

She said: “We have to be proactive, not reactive. We don’t have to wait for another crisis.”

Deputy medical officer of health Dr Ivan Muscat said the risk of passengers without symptoms passing on the virus was “extremely low”, so making all arrivals isolate for periods, initially, of more than 30 hours was neither appropriate nor practical.

BBC Jersey News

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