Announcement of a second lockdown to be made ‘in good time’

Any announcement of a full lockdown in Jersey will be made with time for islanders and businesses to prepare, Chief Minister John Le Fondre said.

He appealed for people to follow government and media announcements, rather than speculation made online.

Senator Le Fondre said: “Please do not pay attention to rumours of lockdown on social media, or circulated by WhatsApp groups.”

He explained the Government of Jersey was sending out a “stronger message” of the need to adhere to public health guidance, including “making wearing masks the norm inside”, keeping small social groups and observing social distancing.

Mr Le Fondre said: “If we all work together and if we act as a community as we have acted all the way through to date, then we can come through this together.

“If we observe the measures, we can come through winter quite well, but it’s down to us as a community.”

BBC Jersey news

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